Logo du tournoi de Paris 2013 à la façon d'Aligre

41st International Go Tournament

Welcome to the 41th Paris International Go Tournament!

Eiffel Tower is not so far

The Paris tournament is one of the largest Go events in Europe behind the European Go Congress.
It will take place this year from March 30th till April 1st 2013 at the Lycée Louis Le Grand in Paris.

Paris Open

Over 200 players are expected from 20 different countries including top European players as it is one major stage of the European Cup.
This Open is ranked ECup level 5, the highest rewarding rank among all EGF tournaments part of the European Cup.


The tournament is a six-round McMahon H-1 go tournament sorting ties with SOS/SOSOS score.
Games will be played according to the Ing rules with EGF changes.
Each player will be given 1h30 with Canadian byo-yomi of 5 minutes for 15 stones.
A komi of 7.5 points is given to white.

French anti-terrorist security plan

TO BE NOTED: Due to Vigipirate plan, an ID will be requested at the entrance.

Agenda du Tournoi Principal

Saturday, March 30
10:00Registration opens (*)
12:00Registration closes
13:30Beginning of the competition
14:00First round
18:00Second round
Sunday, March 31
10:00Third round
15:00Fourth round
Monday, April 1st
09:00Fifth round
13:30Sixth round
17:30Awards and Closing Ceremony

(*) Validation of pre-registration required


1st European500€
1st French200€

Prizes are not cumulative.
There will also be prizes for players with 6, 5 and 4 wins.