Logo du tournoi de Paris 2013 à la façon d'Aligre

41st International Go Tournament


Here are the fees for the 41th Paris International Go Tournament:

PresaleAt the door
Adult rate35€45€
Discounted rate25€35€

Discounted rate is available to students or unemployed individuals. Discounted rate requires justification.

The entrance for visitors is free.

Presales will stop on the 18thMonday 2013 when payment is done with a check and on the 25th March 2013 for any other payment method.


Pre-registration is not compulsory but it is highly recommended. Beside the cheaper price for early birds it will also reduce one's waiting time while arriving at the tournament and ease the registration process for staff members.

Players living in France need to have a valid license from the French Go Federation.
Failing to have a valid one, these players will be able to purchase one at the door with the staff members before 12pm for 45 euros for adults and 20 euros for minors. Please note this price does not include the tournament registration fees as described above. Hence adult will be asked 90 euros (45 for license and 45 for the tournament) and minors 40 euros (20 for license, and 20 for the tournament).

Registration to the tournament process:

The website is not updated automatically, so please be patient and don't pre-register many times.

We are also reminding you that according with the French legislation; all minors must have a parental authorization. Only minors of 14 and above are allowed to register to the tournament by themselves. Minors under 14 have to come with their legal guardian, or their club or national federation representative. All minors, who do not have this authorization, will not be allowed to join the tournament. Tournament direction has no qualified staff to be in charge of minors.