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41st International Go Tournament

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players do you expect to come?

We hope there will be at least 250 players if all goes well. Please spread the word about this tournament... pretty please! Currently it is hard to tell how many players there will be but there are already more than one hundred pre-registered players and there are more pre-registrations every day.

Will there be a refreshment area?

We are waiting for an answer from Louis-le-Grand about it. We are still negotiating to overcome the ban on selling inside the lycée.

Meanwhile, we work on alternative solutions to provide everyone with the basic supply needed during the tournament.

Whatever the case, the Quartier Latin (in which we are located) is a student's quarter, so there are lots of cafés and street vendors of relatively cheap food. If worse comes to worse, we'll do a map of the best places around.

Will there be a blitz tournament?

YES! Of course, we couldn't walk on by this messy occasion to make silly kibitz that blitz tournament always prove to be. The tournament will take place on sunday evening.

How did you choose the tournament fees?

The fees were chosen so we attained budget equilibrium.

We made sure we were in the standard defined by other european level 5 tournaments, such as London or Amsterdam.

I already know I won't be in time on saturday to register, should I give up on coming?

No: we are kind and generous, and always ready to make some effort to welcome people from far away. But there are some rules to follow:

Will Eurogotv be there?

We just can't tell yet. We asked for a specific budget to allow us to invite them, and didn't get an answer yet.

Will the games be transmitted on KGS?

We will, of course, reproduce the first two boards of each round on KGS.

Do you offer housing solutions?

As of now, the tournament organizers can't spare enough time and effort to deal reduce prices with hostels nearby.

However, housing in Paris is relatively cheap compared to other big cities in Europe, and there are numerous hostels around the tournament holding place. You can have a look at this google map to see the nearest hotels or at the tourist information list of hotels (available in many languages) to have a broader selection of accomodations.

What is that Quartier Latin you speak of?

Quartier Latin is the name of the historic student's quarter of Paris. It's situated around the famous university of La Sorbonne, and in the very center of Paris. There are lots of things to see around.

What is there to see around?

A group of students in medieval history volunteered to take people around some of the most outstanding place near the tournament holding place.

Others can also look at the Tourist Information of Paris website to see nearby monuments and museums. If you want to make the search in another language, look for monuments near Quartier Latin / Notre Dame.

What is this "Plan Vigipirate" you mentionned?

The "Plan Vigipirate" (from "vigilant" and "pirate") is a security programm of anti-terrorist mesures that is activated when it is feeled that there is an increased risk of terrorist activities in France. There are 5 levels of "vigilance". We are at level 4 since the begining of military operations in Mali, but no tangible threat has been proved yet.

Because of the Vigipirate plan, quite a certain number of places are under stricter control that they usually are. Among them, schools. Since Louis-le-Grand is a school, we have to record your identity before letting you in, hence the need for us to ask for an ID card or passport.

I yearn to help you, what can I do?

We can do with every little hand. Don't be scared, mail us at contacttp2013@aligre.org and tell us what you would do. We'll be glad to welcome you in the team.